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We provide professional micro-nano fabrication and advanced material characterization solutions


Professional Micro & Nano fabrication, characterization and analysis instruments and consumables, and we also provide you with professional technical services


Aiming at the most cutting-edge application field, we provide you novel fabrication and analysis methods, adding full novelty to your scientific research


Professional Micro & Nano fabrication, characterization and analysis instruments and consumables, and we also provide you with professional technical services


We focus on the field of Micro & Nano fabrication and advanced material characterization, aiming to provide professional fabrication equipment, analytical characterization instruments and consumable products for many universities, research institutes and enterprises committed to the related fields of R&D.We integrate domestic and foreign processing service resources, provide technical consultation and fabrication services for research and development content, to save your research and development costs.

Equipment and instruments

We provide professional micro & nano fabrication and advanced materials, device characterization equipment, to meet the needs of laboratory and production R&D.

Consumables and Services

We provide consumables for micro & nano fabrication and material characterization, and provide you with cost-effective micro & nano fabrication services.

Technical Consultation

If you have fabrication needs or laboratory construction needs, our professional technical team can provide you consulting services for free.

What is micro-nano fabrication?

Micro-nano fabrication is the process of obtaining specific patterns on the surface or material, which is usually realized by photolithography, coating and etching process. It usually covers two parts: pattern achieve process and pattern transfer process. of course, with the development of technology and progress, and gradually emerged some columns to micro-nano manufacturing based on 3D printing to add material, new methods of micro-nano fabrication, greatly enriched the micro-nano fabrication method. Micro-nano fabrication is one of the foundation platforms for semiconductor, micro-nano electronics, sensor, micro-nano optics, advanced materials, biological micro-fluidic, and even life science research. You can also get more information about lithography by visit Wiki + Litho.

What is advanced material characterization?

Material performance directly determines the application of the material, so we need to use various materials characterization methods to get material composition, the information such as phase, structure and special application performance during the process of production or processing materials. By combining with the micro/nano machining or material synthesis method to improve some of the features so as to achieve the optimal application performance. In particular, the properties of micro-nano scale devices are often evaluated by various advanced characterization and analysis methods. Therefore, the appropriate characterization method is one of the indispensable instruments in the research of advanced materials.

We have rich experience and would like to communicate with you!

We are familiar with the fabrication methods and analysis and testing methods in various research fields. We hope to help you with your research with different perspectives!


Based on our rich experience in micro-nano processing and advanced material characterization analysis, we can offer you the following solutions to help you quickly solve technical problems in micro-nano fabrication and advanced material characterization technology.

Lithography solutions

This technology is widely used in microelectronics, integrated circuits, advanced materials, semiconductor materials, micro – nano optics, microfoluidics and other hot research fields

Film thickness measurement

This solution is widely used in new materials, thin film materials, semiconductor devices, photolithography laboratory, optical materials, micro-nano fabrication and many other applications

3D Micro-Nano fabrication

Femtosecond laser, two-photon, metal 3D printing, gray lithography and other methods were used to obtain the micro-nano structures of various materials,which can be used as sample and nano imprint template.

Photoresist selection

We provide uv photoresist, electron beam photoresist, special photoresist, nano-imprint lithography products. We can also provide you technical support and and guidance for photoresist selection

Surface & Composition Analysis

We provide super resolution optical microscopy, Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, Kelvin probe and SEM probe testing instruments, used in the field of material surface and composition analysis

Micro-Nano structure customization

We provide you variety of 1D and 2D grating structure customized fabrication, A variety of cost-effective standard samples and micro-nano hole membrane can be delivery A.S.A.P.


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