About our company

About The Firm…

Simmnt is based in Shenzhen, the service of the national micro and nanofabrication industry cutting-edge companies. The company has a group of senior staff with many years of micro and nanofabrication industry experience and has this extensive technology accumulation and resources in the micro and nanofabrication industry. We introduce internationally renowned scientific research equipment and materials to serve domestic universities and cutting-edge research and development work. At the same time, we can also use our existing resources to provide processing services and free technical consulting services for domestic users who want to realize micro-nano processing.

We believe that our technology and knowledge reserve can bring convenience to your scientific research work.

Our Team…

Simmnt has a high-quality technical and business team, our team has many years of industry experience and a deep knowledge reserve. At the same time, we have a keen sense of scientific research, committed to our users to bring the world’s top technology and equipment, and complete the localization of technical support. To our users to bring a tangible service experience.

The professional technical team is the driving force and core of our progress. We welcome more professionals to join us.

We believe that our technology and knowledge reserve can bring convenience to your scientific research work.

Our Clients

Simmnt is a technology company serving micro-nano processing, manufacturing, and material science. Our customers cover universities and research institutes engaged in micro-nano processing and material characterization needs across the country, as well as high-tech enterprises engaged in cutting-edge research fields.

We take the customer’s demand as the orientation, actively seeks the advanced technology and the instrument equipment in the industry, and introduces it to the domestic, provides the technical service for the customer. At the same time, we also establish a cooperative relationship with our users to provide other customers with necessary paid processing services and free technical consulting services.

More about Simmnt…

Shenzhen is a vibrant city. Although its 40-year history of reform and opening-up is relatively short compared with other mainland cities, Shenzhen boasts convenient transportation and a large number of young people with a fighting spirit. Shenzhen also has the ambition and strength to stand at the national and global center of scientific and technological innovation.

Although Xiyinweina is a start-up company, we have a group of a dynamic and ambitious team, we use a professional technology service attitude, network the world’s top technology, service the national technology research and development work. I hope to help China’s scientific and technological innovation power based in Shenzhen.

More about Technology…

With the progress of science and technology, the micro-nano is no longer a unique technology in the microelectronics industry. The diversity of technical means and the crossover of technologies make micro-nano processing and advanced material characterization itself become a basic technology that integrates various cutting-edge technologies and serves for various cutting-edge technologies. Today, we are witnessing a series of micro-processing and material representation platforms springing up in China.

The new micro-nano processing technology is playing an increasingly important role in many industries such as new materials, electronics, physics, chemistry, biology, bionics, communication, optics, micro-mechanics, etc. It is like a key that opens new doors in our research over the years. He is believed to be the core driving force leading the next generation of new technologies.